Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Well... Here I am (and if you're reading this, then here you are), about to embark on this journey of discovery, evolution, metamorphosis, reprimandation, and opinionated observation. Or just a visual disaster... And after forming these "aesthetically pleasing" opinions, try to look within my self for "aesthetically pleasing mind crafts" of my own. As when you're an Architecture student, like I am, you tend to get a pretty interesting idea of what things visually "fuse" together; or just crash and burn completely and get one of those "you're a piece of crap; but you can try to gain my respect at a later date" looks from a professor. The same looks that I assume and hope to get from those individuals brave to visit this blog and surprisingly take advice from it.

But on a more serious note I hope to make this a helpful and inspiring resource for fashion gallantry. My posting habits will be quite diligent as this is a "sanity hobby" of mine- just waking up in the morning and before stepping out the door into the unforgiving world of campus life, being able to look in my closet (or on the occasional piece of furniture and put something together that'll make me feel great for the rest of the day. Then after about a 20 minute walk stepping out of that unforgiving world into that great "cosmopolitanated", intellectual, Prestigious, and even more unforgiving School of Architecture and seeing MORE looks that'll make me smile all day long.

Well... Lets get on with it... Right then.   


Jacket: H&M Navy and Gray accented Blazer-->> Shirt: Thrifted Green and White checkered Shirt-->> Pants: H&M  "SLIQ" Pants-->> Shoes: Navy and White Brooks Brothers Boating shoes( Yeah I know that it's winter; but they're SUPER comfortable... So sue me.)-->>Shades: Ray-ban Polarized "Outdoorsman Road Spirits"-->>Watch: Monument Skeleton Watch